Classical Ballet Foundations

Our classical ballet teachers are highly skilled and trained professionals. Beginner ballet dancers receive a rewarding and exciting experience in the technique of classical ballet, from the study of basic arm and body positions to the introduction of the “barre”. Here, the fundamentals like ballet exercises, core practise & dance step combinations reinforce traditional classical ballet. In the advanced levels, dancers develop the technical, artistic and performance skills of adagio, pirouette and allegro, the prerequisites for the eligibility into UUC’s advanced pointe classes. Classical Ballet Foundations is a required class for all Elite & Unlock Unleash Control students and is highly recommended for all students in our Open Program.

Society of Russian Ballet Examinations

For dancers ages 5 yrs + who have attained a high standard in their level, UUC offers the opportunity to take the SRB certified examinations. Each year, examiners from the Society visit the school to grade students on their ballet skills. UUC also offers teacher certification through the SRB. For more information on the SRB please visit:

“The context is dance – The development is for life”

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