Unique Sponsorship Opportunities

The Unlock Unleash Control by Centre Stage Dance Studio Inc. program is unique in that it offers the students the most effective, efficient and solid dance education possible. It is by way of The Paula Morgan Technique, which is unique to this studio as well that the students are extending their abilities and successes. Designed for the dancer who wants more, the program requires extreme focus, discipline and unyielding commitment. It promises to educate the mind, challenge the body and inspire the dancer to excel to their full potential. We would like to nurture the students of UUC with great learning and performing opportunities as well as providing them with the chance to give back. We look forward to having your involvement in adding to this adventure. If your company or employer is interested in providing funds to assist in our sponsorship program, please contact Donna Bender at 519-568-8920 today!

Sponsorship Category Options:

• Platinum Sponsorship ($5000.00)

• Gold Sponsorship ($3000.00)

• Silver Sponsorship ($3000.00)

• Bronze Sponsorship (less than $1500.00)

All sponsorship package options provide:

• One out-of-Canada workshop is expected for the current Unlock Unleash Control dance season
• Donation tax receipts will be provided to you and your organization for income tax purposes
• Sponsorship packages and acceptances are for the current dance season only. It can however be renewed for subsequent dance seasons.

Your sponsorship dollars will benefit the dancers in attending out-of-Canada workshops, travel expenses and class fees.

In return, UNLOCK UNLEASH CONTROL by Centre Stage Dance Studio will offer the following benefits to you, our Sponsor:

• A link on the Unlock Unleash Control website to your company website
• Your corporate business cards and advertising posted in our studio – should you provide them
• Your corporate logos, a personal business write-up and sponsorship commitment added to the UUC website and our year-end dance recital programmes.
• A dance team photo, plak-mounted.
• A newsletter to your corporation noting where and when the dancers are going and what workshops and training they are attending.

If you wish to discuss the sponsorship details further or require more information or would like a personal presentation, please contact: Donna Bender at 519-568-8920.

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